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The Introduction of Keirin into Olympics

During the 1990s, the UCI was involved in a big racket which garnered a lot of eyeballs and negative publicity at a global level. It all had to do with a form of track cycle racing known as keirin, and it was reported by undercover reporters from the BBC that the governing body had taken a bribe of over 3 million by the Japanese, for ensuring that Keirin gets added to the list of sporting events under the Olympics.

Nevertheless in the 2000 Olympics held at Sydney, the Keirin was added as an official sporting event and the world witnesses this unique form of motorized cycle racing, which also involved sprinting in the end. What’s even more saucy to note here is that this form of motor-cycle racing had Japanese brains behind it, but it had nothing to do with competitive sports back then, but was played for gambling way back in 1948, in post-war Japan.

Doping Controversy

Probably no sporting body in the world can be considered completely isolated from doping controversies, and similar has been the case with the UCI. It was in 2010 that there was a shocking revelation from Floyd Landis that he had been using performance-enhancing drugs since a long time. He also claimed that the UCI was aware of this, and had also accepted a bribe from Lance Armstrong, covering up for him in this process. Despite being one of the most popular road racing cyclists of his time, Landis took this stand and this controversy went on getting dragged by the salacious international media for months.

Suing Threats and Action

In turn, the authorities of the UCI have time and again warned journalists and sportspersons that they would be sued if they do not stop spreading slander and untrue stories about the body. While threats of suing had been afloat all along, the actual suing did happen in 2012, and the unfortunate subject was Paul Kimmage who was a Swiss Journalist. While there was a lot of international support garnered for Kimmage, the lawsuit never reached any conclusion because of the early demise of the journalist in that very year.

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