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MTB is a dangerous sports for the uninitiated. It can be fun and at the same time perilous too if appropriate precautions are not taken. Here are our top six recommendations to get you started biking off-road without putting you or those around you in danger.

Safety Gear

Crashes are commonplace, even the pros crash every so often. Without safety gears you can easily break your back, hip, crack a skull and a lot more. Wear all the gear that you should and never ride without the full safety gear set.


Riding without a helmet is as good as signing a death wish. This is a no-brainer and yet we have to periodically remind newbies. A good fitting, high quality helmet is probably the most important safety tip we can offer you.

Warm Up Before Riding

This is a simple step you can take to ensure you don’t sprain any muscles or stiffen up in the middle of a ride. You can do this in two ways: You can warm up actively by performing dynamic stretches beginning 30 minutes before your ride starts, and you can also warm up “passively” by keeping yourself limber and ready on your way to wherever you might be riding. If you’re driving to a path or course, for example, you may want to consider keeping a travel pillow in your car so you don’t end up with a stiff neck on the way over. You can check out The Comfy Traveler if you want to read up on travel pillow reviews before purchasing a pillow.

Stay In Your Limits

It is nice trying to push limits but do not test them too soon. Get comfortable within your own confines, get a feel for the terrain and only after you have ridden enough should you go a little adventurous but that too in subtle increments only. Remember, MTB is not just about fun and exhilaration but also about staying fit.

Know First Aid

First aid knowledge can determine whether one lives or dies. If you haven’t already then take a complete first aid course. There are books that you can read online too if you are not too keen on taking courses. Always carry a first aid kit with you when you go out biking outdoors.

Maintain Your Bike

Before riding, always perform checks to ensure your bike is up to the mark. Safe Self Storage is one of the most important things you can do to keep your bike in good condition.  Even a small doubt can make a difference between safely finishing a course or landing in a pile of dirt. Simple things like checking tyre pressure, oiling the chain, listening for broken parts and riding to check issues before hitting the trail can help you enjoy your runs better.

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