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Red Bull TV is the official broadcasting channel of the super-popular UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and Julien Absalon from France has set the record for winning this championship 7 times, which is a world record that has evaded any other mountain biker so far in history.

Some other noteworthy names in the Men’s Championship include Roland Green, Thomas Boxtiger, Christoph Sauser and Cadel Evans in the Cross-Country Section, Marco Bui and Roland Green in the Cross-Country Time Trial, Mauro Bettin and Leonardo Paez in the Marathon, Nicholaz Vouilloz, Steve Peat and Greg Minaar in the Downhill Mountain Biking Championship and Brian Lopes in the Dual Slalom. As far as the Junior Men’s titles are concerned, the most successful players till date have been Richie Rude, Loris Vergier and Troy Brosnan, while in case of the Four-Cross Events, it is Jared Graves, Eric Carter and Michal Prokop who have held the mantle.

In the women’s events, there have been several fantastic players who have left an indelible mark at several occasions. When this sporting event was flagged off, it was often considered to be out of the purview of female players. But slowly and steadily, women started making their mark in adventure sports and many iconic female mountain bikers set examples for all of womankind.

If one has to name the players who have been the most successful in the women’s mountain biking championships, then names like Gunn-Rita Dahle, Barbara Blatter and Juli Furtado come up in the Cross-Country Events, Barbara Blatter again in the Cross-Country Time Trial Championship, followed by Pia Sundstedt who has won the Marathon title thrice in a row. In the Women’s Downhill Mountain Biking Events, Anne Caroline Chausson who has won the prestigious title in the arduous race not thrice but five times in a row! Kudos to this amazing sportsperson, and not far behind are other players like Sabrina Jonnier, Rachel Atherton and Manon Carpenter who have won around two to three titles at different points of time in their sporting career.

Now let’s move over to the Women’s Dual Slalom Events which have players like Katrina Miller and Leigh Donovan at the forefront. Finally in the Four-Cross Event, the female bikers who have left no stone unturned to exude tough competition and have painstakingly won titles include famous names like Anneke Beerten who has won the much-coveted title four times in a row as well as Jill Kintner who has been the world champion thrice.

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